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Bishop is a (LGPL'd) MVC based framework intended to be used with java servlet applications. Bishop acts as the controller in the MVC pattern and coordinate how the model (business objects) and view (html/wml pages) interacts.

This is accomplished using a small but powerful language. The application developer writes Bishop scripts (called requests) in this language. These request are then executed on behalf of a client (ie the browser) which results in a view that is returned to the client.

This clean implementation of the MVC pattern dramatically reduces the complexity of the web application. It is possible to develop the application in parallell, one team responsible for the model, one for the view and another for the controller.

Bishop doesn't require the model classes to extend any particual class or implement any specific interface. Bishop calls the model's methods as the model designer implemented them, so there is no need for a global Hashtable that contain the application's variables.

Bishop uses webmacro to generate the views. Webmacro provides a powerful template engine used by several production web sites. Bishop keeps the state of the client's view so that it is possible for a request to only update a small portion of the whole view.
The use of webmacro also allows the application to support multipe types of clients such as web browser and wap browsers.



Do you have any questons, suggestions or somehow wish to contribute to the project; do not hessitate to send us a message:


Download the latest version of Bishop here: bishop-2.tar.gz, or simply the jar: bishop.jar. The bishop-2 release contains an example of a bishop application. No changes to the bishop source has been made.

We also have a for microsoft users.


The Bishop project's strategy of nubering its releases is that the first public release is one (1), the second is (2) etc. You will not see any X.Y.Z-pre-almost releases from us.


Bishop is hosted at


The development of Bishop has kindly been supported by Kipling.